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Q1 2022

Success Stories
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Network Planning
NOVA Network Planning

NOVA - A new Network Planning Solution for OEMs

Introducing NOVA to our suite of integrated solutions: A Network Planning & Performance Management Solution designed for Network Planners, Dealers and the Field Team to monitor performance, identify opportunities and improve the network with advanced analytics.

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Future of Retail
EV and the Future of Retail

Electric Vehicles and the Future of Retail

After a decade of innovations, favorable regulations, and an increase in demand, 2021 became a tipping point for EVs and the future of retail. This perspective article dives into the significant impact EVs will have on the future of manufacturers' Retailer Network.

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Field Operations

Vertically Focused IKON CRM Solution vs Standard CRM

Compared to generic CRMs, IKON aligns well with franchise sales models which requires a different set of processes and focus on Field Operations. Dive into the benefits of IKON as a CRM+ solution and how it is vertically focused to the needs of OEMs.

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Business Management
Hyundai Motor America HQ

How Hyundai maximized the usage of KPI-based reports

It used to take Hyundai Motor America 1-2 weeks to access dealer composite data and up to 3 hours to manually build KPI reports in Excel. In this success story, Sr Group Manager gives some insights on how Hyundai was able to get the most out of our AMOS Business Management system.

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Field Operations
IKON Webinar

The Road to Improve Field Operations Efficiency

The success of a manufacturing company's sales and after-sales strategies often rely on the Field Operations team's efficiency to Carry out corporate initiatives to the franchise network. Listen to webinar guest speaker Jeff Nameth as he dives into best practices to improve the efficiency of Field Operations.

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NOVA Launch
Kia Sportage

Kia Motors Italy partner with Optimum Info for NOVA

Kia Italia S.r.l. (KIT) - one of the biggest volume brand Market Share winners in Italy in 2021 (+23.8 % gain) - is partnering with Optimum Info to launch NOVA, a new Performance Management and Network Planning solution for its national franchise network development.

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